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Vacuuming your carpet frequently is good for maintenance. However, once in a while you can really benefit from a professional cleaning.


You should be able to breathe easy in your own home. When carpets get dirty, they trap pollutants. Unbeknownst to you, you might be breathing in a ton of harmful chemicals, but a thorough cleaning stops all that.


Other things can develop in your carpet as well if you are not careful. You cannot see dust mites because they are microscopic. Mold will only be noticeable once it has advanced to a dangerous level. Eliminate these substances before they get out of hand.


Many homeowners wonder if it would be possible to clean a carpet on their own. While it might be, you have to be careful that you do not injure yourself while you are moving furniture or moving around cleaning the carpet. In most circumstances, this is a job to leave to the experts.
Carpet is a great material to have for your home’s flooring, but you need to maintain it so that it continues looking and smelling great. If you would like to hire a professional service, call Rasmussen Cleaning Service, LLC.

Hector and Tucker were very polite and professional. Everything was explained to us in detail. The before and after pictures were amazing & showed how badly we needed those ducts cleaned! Would highly recommend and will use again when necessary.

Shirley L. On 09/23/2020

Hector cleaned our carpets and did a great job! He was able to get out every stain we had had trouble with. Highly recommend Rasmussen.

Shelby C. On 02/09/2021