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Airduct Cleaning in the Twin Cities


Our uniformed service technicians are trained using our state-of-the-art truck-mounted vacuum equipment and specialized air duct cleaning tools. This powerful source removal process helps eliminate years of accumulated allergens, dirt, dust and debris from your home or business HVAC system.


Your heating and cooling system’s air ducts can be a collection source for dirt, dust, pollen and pet dander that can make allergies worse. Rasmussen Cleaning Service helps remove these allergy aggravating contaminants.


May lower utility bills*, increase life span of the system and reduce the likelihood of a breakdown.

*Energy savings may vary depending on the size of your home and the condition of your heating/cooling system.


Our Technicians thoroughly pre-inspect your home or commercial building’s entire air-duct system. You will be informed of the specific air-duct cleaning services  that are needed, along with the total cost, before any service will be performed.

  1. Our service technicians will remove and clean all registers and grilles.
  2. Using a camera, our service technicians will show you the inside of your system before we start the cleaning process, allowing you to see all the dirt, debris and contaminates inside your system.
  3. Our service technicians will then begin the cleaning process by using our Truck Mounted containment system and Roto Brushing the entire system and then Air Whipping the entire system. “Two cleanings for the price of one.” We are not the company that comes out and tries up sell you to a better cleaning.
  4. We give you the best cleaning right from the start!
  5. After the cleaning process is completed, the service technicians will show you with a camera what a clean Air-Duct System is supposed to look like, proving to you that your Air-Duct system is as clean as possible.
  6. Our experienced service technicians will put the Air-Duct System back together and clean up any remaining debris in the work area.
  7. Our methodology follows the guidelines of the National Air Duct Cleaning Association (NADCA).

100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed.


Let the experts at Rasmussen Cleaning Service help you breathe easier. Our powerful truck-mounted cleaning equipment will help remove allergy aggravating contaminants from your home’s air duct system. Call the professionals at Rasmussen Cleaning Service, and you will see a level of respect and expertise that you won’t find anywhere else.

    Q. Can air duct cleaning improve your indoor air quality & lower your energy costs?

    A. Yes, by removing dirt, debris & other contaminates


    The air we breathe indoors has become an increasingly important environmental concern. Since most people spend between 60% and 90% of their time indoors, the following facts are cause for concern.

    • 50% of all illnesses are either caused by or aggravated by polluted indoor air. (American College of Allergists)
    • Children and the elderly are more likely to be affected by polluted indoor air. (Department of Consumer Affairs)
    • One out of six people who suffer from allergies do so because of the direct relationship to fungi and bacteria in the duct systems. (Better Health Magazine)
    • The average 6-room house collects 40 pounds of dust each year. (Discover Magazine).
    • Indoor air has been found to be up to 70 times more polluted than outdoor air. (USEPA)

    Hector and Tucker were very polite and professional. Everything was explained to us in detail. The before and after pictures were amazing & showed how badly we needed those ducts cleaned! Would highly recommend and will use again when necessary.

    Shirley L. On 09/23/2020

    Hector cleaned our carpets and did a great job! He was able to get out every stain we had had trouble with. Highly recommend Rasmussen.

    Shelby C. On 02/09/2021